There’s nothing more volatile than imagination: mind is a great wanderer. It starts from a hint and it follows its own, unpredictable path.

Shape of clouds has the mutable form of a suspended thought. Like vapor or mist, it changes with every mood, with every weather, with every time of the day. It’s a very simple and genuine project: sharing scenes of life.

Here is a collection of stories told in words and pictures: a truthful travel book with the simple aim of storytelling. There is no particular plan strictly defining this blog: one can travel for the sole joy of travelling, just as one can write for the only desire of writing.

I’ll try to focus on simple things in life: to appreciate the panoramas, to see the beauty in people, to imagine new ways. Most of all, writing is made of observation, imagination and sharing. These three elements are essential to this project of mine.

I’ll start my engine then, and see where it could lead.
I hope you’ll enjoy the flight.

pic 042